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All construction, crewing, properties, costume, lighting, projection and sound are provided by SWMTC (Fairycroft) for each of our productions.

SWMTC (Fairycroft) is an off-shoot of the main Company and its sole purpose is to provide a complete backstage service. Over the years we have have been recognised for our expertise and professionalism. We also provide high quality technical and practical support for other companies and organisations. All our workers and crew are volunteers so all monies raised from our services go back into the Company coffers.

Whether you want a fancy dress costume or a complete show hire, please do get in contact.

Services include:

  • Consultation and Planning

  • Project Design

  • Set Preparation Build - phase one - property build in our own workshop

  • Set Build - phase two - construction at performance venue

  • Completion - crewing and fun of the show!

  • Costume & Properties hire