SWMTC Youth Group Privacy Notice

Saffron Walden Musical Theatre Company is committed to protecting personal information. This privacy notice outlines the rights and responsibilities of SWMTC Members and Supporters in relation to personal information held by the company. Who does this effect? SWMTC - Saffron Walden Musical Theatre Company the organisation which will control your child’s personal data. Members - Individuals who hold membership of SWMTC Youth Group. What information does SWMTC control? We collect basic personal details such as your child’s name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, subscriptions and dates of payments and date of birth. In addition Members may have their photographs and biographies taken and their attendance at rehearsals recorded. Lastly the personal details of a parent or guardian will be recorded for safeguarding purposes. How does SWMTC use your personal information? We will use your information to send you newsletters, letters or emails giving details of meetings, minutes of committee meetings, shows, rehearsals, production meetings and similar events that are likely to be of interest to you. Your name and possibly photograph and biography may appear in programmes for shows and SWMTC newsletters. Please be aware that show programmes are public documents and that SWMTC newsletters are shared with Members and Supporters. Photographs may also be used for promotional or advertising purposes. We will not share your information with other third parties without your explicit consent.

What are your rights? We will keep your child’s information until they turn 18. However you can ask us to remove your child’s personal information from our records at any time and we will do so and stop sending them correspondence. In addition you can make a Subject Access Request in order to request a copy of all personal information held about your child. To make a Subject Access Request or request that your personal information is removed from our records please contact the SWMTC Honorary Secretary by letter or email. The secretary’s contact details are given below. Please note that SWMTC takes reasonable steps to ensure the security of your child’s personal information in accordance with the SWMTC Data Policy. Changes to the way SWMTC handles your personal information. We may change the way we handle your child’s personal information on occasion. For example if such a change is necessary to comply with legal obligations. If significant changes are required a new privacy notice will be provided. How to contact SWMTC. If you have any questions relating to this privacy notice, to make a Subject Access Request, to request that we remove your child’s personal data from our records or to request a copy of the SWMTC Data Policy please contact the Honorary Secretary whose details are below. Please note that Subject Access Requests must be made in writing via the Contact Us page on this website.